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 RumahKasih currently is in most need of:-

1. Its own premises, bigger than the present rented buildings which is now over crowded to cope with the ever increasing number of inmates.


2. Friendly and nurturing volunteers to make inmates feel cared and empathized.


3. On behalf of all our inmates, we appeal to you, the caring, kind and generous people to support our caring activities.  We need funds to pay for, the rental of the present building, utility bills, water electricity, food, provisions, medical items such as wheel chairs, walking frames, diapers, colostomy bags, medicine, dressings, etc.  Allowance pay to workers who do house keeping, attending to the needs of the inmates and funds to purchase many other household items that are necessary for use in the home.


4. We also need you, caring, kind and generous people to accord  decent  and  respectful  funeral services to the deceased  of poor  families  and  destitute to fulfill the wishes of their  departed.


Please be caring, do within your ability, and make a small contribution to help these people.  Your invaluable help can light up the lives of many helpless people that are in dire need of your support to pass through their twilight years, also in a way to reduce the congestion in the hospital  wards.  


On behalf of the inmates, we appeal to you for your assistance because they cannot write to you for help themselves.


We earnestly hope that you can pay us a visit at our charity home, and advise us what shall we  do to improve our caring services.   

Postscript :  If you have any missing relatives or friends, please come and check with Rumah Kasih.  We did come across lost of memory car accident victims whose family members have taken them back to their homes.


                All are welcome to support our community services!

  The hospital discharged poor, old, homeless and the abandoned                  
                               patients need your help !

Helping the needy are  services offered by  productive and progressive citizens!




Community services cannot succeed without financial support. It is not easy to write to you in this way, but we are sure you understand the importance of the cause.

RumahKasih (Reg. No. 001431811-M ) is under the care of Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Terabai dan Warga Emas Rumah Kasih Kuala Lumpur (Reg. No. 2312-10-WKL)

Please support us to help these discharged poor, old,  homeless needy patients abandoned in government hospitals. They are occupying the beds meant for treating serious cases and saving lives.   You may issue cheque/ money order in the name of Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Terabai dan Warga Emas Rumah Kasih Kuala Lumpur and send to our postal address No. 3, Jalan 1/21B, Taman Setapak, 53000, Kuala Lumpur.

Your donation is tax-exempted with our official receipt.  Please  contact us for more information.

For the convenience of donors:- You may bank in cash/cheque to Malayan Banking BerhadPersatuan Kebajikan Orang Terabai dan Warga Emas Rumah Kasih  Kuala Lumpur”


Maybank,  Account No. 51422-6121-994

either:- sms to Mr. Foong, Tel. No. 013-3934868 / 012-3770798.

1. Your Name or Company’s name,

2. NRIC, Passport No. or Business Registered No.and Address.  


Or :-E-mail to :-
we will send to you our tax  exemption official receipt


For more information, please feel free to contact us or :-


Mr.Foong Peng Lam
(Pengurus Rumah Kasih)
Location: No. 773, Lot 222, Jalan Umbun 2,
                 Taman Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur.

Postal Address: No. 3, Jalan 1/21B, Taman Setapak,
53000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel. (24 jam) 013-3934868 / 012-3770798


Thank you for your support”