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Rumah Kasih

(Charity Home for discharged poor, old, homeless, and abandoned patients in government hospitals)

There are also hundreds of old people have been abandoned by their children or next-of-kin who give false addresses and telephone contact numbers to the hospital, to prevent the hospital authorities from tracing them. They just shirk the responsibility of taking care of their sickly family members

The hospital faces the shortage of beds and the welfare homes are full most of the time, some are overcrowded. The worst scenario is that the number of patients abandoned in HKL keeps growing. This hospital tops the list of hospitals with the most abandoned people

“RumahKasih” offers free shelter, food and medical treatment for the discharged poor, homeless, old and terminally ill abandoned patients. Here, we have diabetics without limbs, cancer patients disowned by their children, mentally-challenged people whose families could not be traced, paralytic patients and accident victims, old people who have simple outlived their usefulness. Too old, sick or handicapped to work. Some abandoned people have no one to turn to in the entire world. Some of their families are too poor, and some have faded out of memory.

Those with lost of memory whose relatives were traced, have retrieve them and accident victims recovered from the effects of their injuries went back to society to be productive citizens.


Majority of the inmates lived until the day of their last breath, passed away peacefully in our charity homes due to old age. Whenever the hospital encounters such discharged abandoned helpless needy patients and the beds are urgently needed to treat other more serious cases, they are referred to Rumah Kasih to look after them. Give them proper shelter, food and take care of their medical problems free of charge.

It is not easy to run a charity home. Since the year of 2000, RumahKasih has taken in more than 530 patients. Like many other charity homes, we did not receive any financial assistance from the government or welfare departments, which refuse to help us, because they said that our home is over overcrowded !        

The patients sending to our charity homes are also cannot be controlled, because the hospital needs vacant beds urgently to treat other more serious cases. However, the understanding Inland Revenue Department knows our problems, helps us by giving tax exemption to our kind and generous supporters. To encourage them to help the needy, so that the hospital could have more vacant beds to save lives.

Thanks to the kind and generous care givers apart from supporting us to take care of these patients, some have accorded decent respectable funeral services to the deceased of poor families and destitute ( grief-stricken families who need help or anyone who wish to help these families, please do not hesitate to call us ) .


Please come forward to give a helping hand to Rumah Kasih to solve the congestion in the hospital wards. Be noble and caring; help us to support abandoned patients. We have to give them free shelter, provide them with food and medical care, to take care of them at their twilight years in our charity home.  

We also take care of the grief-stricken bereaved families

Rumah Kasih is also a service organization for Chinese and other non-Muslim dealing with matters of bereavement. Upon agreed consent given by the concerned families, would provide reasonably priced dignified funeral services acceptable by family members, offered by the Hospital’s authorized casket companies.

When death occurs to a loved one, the members of the grief-stricken family would be very sad. They would be emotionally confusing and experiencing the feelings of panic and stress. Many feel helpless with the complicated procedure of claiming the body and to apply for the death certificate. There would be numerous decisions to be made in the preparation to ensure that all necessary steps are taken and every detail covered to perform the final rites to bid farewell to their loved one. 

To the families without financial ability, lost of their loved ones can bring them lots of worries because they do not know who to turn to for help. There are coffin shops every where. If the families cannot pay for the inflated costs demanded by them, many middlemen would take them (the family members) to borrow money from illegal moneylenders.

The “Hospital Kuala Lumpur Caring Home” (Rumah Kasih, Hospital Kuala Lumpur) is like a savior where we give our opinion according to the family’s financial budget. We provide low and reasonable charges(at a controlled price), approved by the Hospital authorities, for funeral services offered by authorized casket companies. Furthermore, we also arrange for decent respectable simple but proper funeral services for the deceased of poor families totally free of charge. This is to ensure that every family could have a respectful ambient ceremony to bid farewell to their loved one,thus fulfill the wishes of their departed.

Furthermore, we also arrange for decent respectable simple but proper funeral services for the deceased of poor families totally free of charge.

This is to ensure that every family could have a respectful ambient ceremony to bid farewell to their loved one, thus fulfill the wishes of their departed.

Other reasons for setting up “Hospital Kuala Lumpur Caring Home” are to prevent grief-stricken family members being harassed by unscrupulous illegal funeral salesmen/ agents/ touts.

Earlier, they have been loitering day and night in the Hospital. Before a patient stop the last breath they were already going in and out of the ward harassing the patient’s family to accept their services. They disturbed the family’s emotion and took the opportunity to simply impose exorbitant charges and commission for their services. Their outrages behaviors have been causing inconvenience to the doctors and the nursing staff.

Hence, in order to relieve distressed families being attacked by such people or middlemen and also into paying high costs for funeral services, HKL have set up this Caring Home to take care of the bereaved families. Upon discussion with our service adviser, these families have the right to select the Hospital’s authorized casket companies or call their own undertakers.

Official opening of Rumah Kasih Hospital Kuala Lumpur on the 13rd. March 2002 (From right) Patron Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye Chairman of Board of Visitors  HKL Organising Chairman Dr. Ng Thiew Kim Senior Assistant Director Hospital  HKL Advisor Datuk Dr. Hj. Ramlee Director hospital  HKL

Today, in our caring society, there are numerous charity homes taking in abandoned children. These kids have hope to be showered with good quality lives. But for the senior citizens, its mostly despair. They are the government’s hospitals discharged poor, old, homeless and abandoned patients who really need us to take care of them, at their twilight years.


Rumah Kasih Hospital Kuala Lumpur, one of the subsidiary services of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) established in Sept. 2000, is a charity home that takes care of the discharged poor, old, homeless, and abandoned patients in the hospital (Pesakit Terdampar di Hospital). It is because most of them are terminally ill. Its Advisor is Hospital Director, Datuk Dr. Hj. Ramlee Hj. Rahmat. Organising Chairman is Hospital Kuala Lumpur Senior Assistant Director, Dr. Ng Thiew Kim, Honorary Advisor – Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Chairman of Board of Visitors.
Service Manager is Hospital Kuala Lumpur ex-Senior Medical Technologist, Mr. Foong Peng Lam. He is fully authorized with the management and contacts with the patients and family members of these patients.


HKL is an institution of excellence in health care and our nation’s referral centre. As the largest hospital in Malaysia and one of the biggest in Asia, it has about 2,331 in-patients and the out-patients departments see an average of 4,000 out-patients a day. These patients coming in are not under control. There are helpless patients after they are discharged they really have no shelter or food after they leave the hospital wards. 


Some are brought in for treatment by the kind hearted public who saw them sick and helplessly lying on the streets. Others are by family members, relatives, next of kin or friends who send them in the government hospitals for treatment and they refused to take them (the patients) out of the hospitals. Even though they are now stable, fit to be discharged. There are also those sickly senior citizens who are abandoned by society because they have outlived their usefulness. Those who went back to the streets just die of mild nutrition, sickness or hunger by the road side. In view of that many prefer to stay put in the hospital.

Poor, old, homeless and abandoned patients

Poor, old, homeless and abandoned patients

Weekend caring and sharing activities

Patients sent from Hospital Kuala Lumpur


According respectable funeral services to the poor and the destitute